Monday to Friday
7:00 am to 5:30 pm

Under Two's Fantails

We provide a semi-structured and child initiated programme; catering for individual children’s needs; with a common interest among the group becoming the focus topic.

The children are provided with the opportunity to participate in group learning experiences.  As we explore these planned and spontaneous activities in both our spacious indoor and outdoor environments, we write learning stories and anecdotal observations. These are displayed on our planning wall and another copy is added to the child’s portfolio. We value a strong relationship between the Bunnie's environment and home; and value all contributions, suggestions and involvement from family and whānau.

Parallel to our children’s interests we have an infant based programme run by a small group of qualified teachers with a passion for infant care and education which focuses on the milestones and well-being of our children. We offer age-appropriate activities that encourage and support infants to reach milestones and learn through play while respecting each child’s needs and routines. 

During everyday routines, group times and activities, children are learning to be part of a group and are developing valuable social skills.

‘Teachers in the under two's area skillfully respond to children’s emerging communication and model rich language.  These interactions support the development of children’s social skills, contribute to a calm and settled atmosphere that is contributing to a sense of well-being and belonging for infants and toddlers.’ ERO report 2015


1 Teacher to 4 children


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