Ruma Kiwi

We provide a semi-structured and tamaiti initiated programme which caters for all needs, interests and strengths as a group as well as individuals.

Our tamariki are invited to participate in structured activities set by a kaiako, which incorporate our focus at the time and encourages tamariki to interact and maintain interest in an activity, while learning to be part of a group and follow instruction.

Outside of these structured times, tamariki explore the spacious environment inside and outside with a variety of inviting areas and resources to choose from. There are opportunities to be involved in music, art, dance and drama, as well as early science, maths, and literacy.

Learning through play helps tamariki develop skills in decision-making, problem-solving and social concepts such as building relationships with others and learning rules and boundaries.

‘Effective respectful relationships are formed with each child and their whanau, which supports children’s sense of belonging.’ ERO report 2019

Ratio : 1 (Teacher) kaiako to 8 (Children) tamariki