The Pre-School programme is semi-structured and tamaiti initiated. We implement an emergent project approach, based on the principles of the Reggio Emilia programme. This follows and fits within the New Zealand ECE curriculum of Te Whāriki.

The aim of this approach is to extend research and investigational skills, the ability to understand new concepts which help tamariki to develop life skills in preparation for school and the world around them. ‘Children are engaged in sustained play with opportunities to persevere, use their imagination and play independently or alongside others.’ ERO 2019

We also have a short-structured session each day where kaiako work with small groups of tamariki on strengths and needs based concepts. ‘Literacy and mathematics are well integrated into play and learning.’ ERO report 2019

Throughout the day tamariki have opportunities to experience a range of activities within our extensive indoor and outdoor setting, which includes music, pretend play, adventure playground, mud pit,water play,vegetable garden, wharenui and baking, amongst other activities.

Our involvement with the community and whānau includes trips to places of interest (sometimes linking to our project work), along with whānau events and invitations to the centre to share in learning and celebrations of special events. Kaiako‘ are very reflective practitioners who regularly critique their practice.Teachers work cooperatively and actively encourage children to help and support each other’. ERO report2019

Ratio: 1 (Teacher) kaiako to 10 (Children) tamariki